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Merito invests in good companies with a mission to help them develop into great and sustainable companies

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Our goal

Merito is here to help grow big, successful businesses. We believe we can inspire entrepreneurs to achieve ambitious goals and go beyond those.

Our Core Belief

Meritocracy: A social system in which advancement within society is based on an individual's capabilities and merits rather than family, wealth, or social status.

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Davis is responsible for sourcing, evaluation and execution of investment opportunities across the Baltics. Besides new investments, he supports the team in management of our investment companies in Lithuania.

Prior to joining Merito, Davis worked at a management consulting firm Civitta, mainly focusing on strategy development and commercial due diligence projects and as an Investment Advisor at Newsec.

Funds and Investment Strategies
Merito Management AIFP

Merito Growth Capital Fund I

provides flexible growth financing to developing companies predominantly across New Nordics. Fund cooperates with ambitious entrepreneurs and focuses on profitable and sustainable growth of its portfolio companies. Fund invests EUR 0.5 – 5 million per transaction, acquiring either minority or majority stakes in its portfolio companies. Total target size of the fund is EUR 50 million with more than EUR 12 million already committed by investors. The minimum investor commitment is EUR 50,000 and the fund will continue its fundraising shortly.

About Fund
  • Status
  • Launch
  • Size
    EUR 50 million
Merito Management AIFP

Merito Sustainable Energy Fund I

on behalf of its growing number of 40+ investors is dedicated to development of industrial scale photovoltaic (PV) energy projects in Latvia. Fund’s experienced team manages all stages of project development from initial planning to operating solar parks. Fund intends to have significant positive impact on sustainable electricity generation in Latvia and plans to develop 50+ MW solar portfolio during the next 3-4 years. Total target size of the fund is EUR 20 million with EUR 7+ million committed by more than 40 investors over 6 months. The minimum investor commitment is EUR 20,000 and the fund is continuing to fundraise.

About Fund
  • Status
  • Launch
  • Size
    EUR 20 million